Driving innovation through the production and distribution of high performing, superior quality grain varieties across Australia.


Waratah Seed Company Ltd. (Waratah) is the largest farmer-owned seed company supplying the Australian grains industry.

Waratah produces and markets both registered and commercial seed. Waratah has seven grower members across New South Wales and Victoria, spreading production risk and optimising marketing, distribution and agronomic support.

Waratah's focus is on providing quality assured seed using quality assured processing, with an effective distribution network and up to date, regional technical support.

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Waratah Seed Company Ltd is a grower owned not-for-profit company which grew out of the demise of the Registered Seed Scheme in New South Wales.

Waratah has 4 directors:

life members

Peter Campbell, Henty, NSW was made a Life Member of Wratah Seed Co in October 2012. His contribution to the seed industry and Waratah Seed Co Ltd has been significant over many years.

quality assurance

Waratah prides itself on a stringent quality assured seed production and multiplication service, protecting the integrity of the genetics of each variety.

Waratah growers adhere to a code of practice to provide farm businesses with quality assured seed.

Seed grown by Waratah members is processed in seed cleaning plants under strict quality assurance systems. Key features include:

technical backup and distribution network

loaded trucks for distribution

Knowledge of the region and the varieties allows Waratah to develop the most appropriate market and distribution network for each individual variety. Waratah utilises agribusiness centres across Australia as part of the market network. Waratah provides each agribusiness with agronomic support to ensure the success of each variety marketed.

Grower members, with first hand experience, provide full agronomic support with each lot of seed sold. Technical information sheets are produced for each variety and are available from grower members and here on this website.

support to research and on-farm trials

Glen Roberts and Bernard Hart

Waratah is working with cereal breeding programs across Australia and is committed to developing varieties suited to each grower’s individual region and need. Waratah actively provides grower feedback to the plant breeders.

Waratah works with plant breeders and National Variety Trials (NVT) to test new varieties, and also conducts its own trials to develop agronomic best practice for each variety it markets.





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